For me, one of  the joys of being a photographer is that it lends purpose to my love of walking and exploration.
I have always had a childlike enthusiasm for finding 'secret' places, ones where the imagination can take flight.


'The White Wood and Beyond' is a new work in progress. It is the exploration of a remote Dartmoor river valley; one I have been visiting since the mid 1980's. Through the valley runs the River Dart which forges its way to the sea.


I have taken pictures here intermittently over the years but struggled initially to make them work cohesively. It is a complex place to photograph as the dense woodland can be disorientating, as sight of the horizon is lost as you descend down to the river over moss strewn boulders. There are few paths and these eventually disappear, but as is often the case, the essence of a place is discovered once the path is left behind.


This is an ancient landscape that exudes mystery, including a 'hidden' tor that can only be fully seen once you are  in a small clearing near river level.


The White Wood and Beyond will be published in 2018.




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