For over 25 years I have consulted and worked on thousands of design projects for numerous national and regional organisations. While I was still a student at Art College, long before the days of desktop publishing and digital photography, I made the decision to work across multiple creative disciplines in order to be able to offer a unique service to potential clients.


In the digital world we live in the boundaries between ‘physical design and ‘virtual design’ have blurred. Now a beautifully printed brochure can be re-purposed to also exist as an interactive pdf for use on an ipad. A website needs to be co-ordinated with a brochure and vice versa - graphic design is now more about visual communication in its broadest aspects and at the core of all this is creativity and experience.


Over the years I have:


Conceived and designed a unique brochure with a lock (made entirely out of paper and card) for KABA Security to demonstrate the security of their locking systems.


Designed a major celebratory book on Exeter Cathedral with a Foreword by H.R.H. The Prince of Wales.


Been the principal supplier of design and print services for the South West Region of the Environment Agency (and its predecessor the National Rivers Authority) for 20 years working on hundreds of projects which included:


Conceiving and designing a major national training manual, Think Soils, for farmers and EA staff helping assess soil erosion on farms. Subsequently asked to consult on and design a follow on sister publication, Sediment Matters, which was produced as an interactive pdf to reduce production costs.


Created a ‘Think - Don’t Sink’ advertising campaign to highlight the dangers of driving through even shallow flood water.


Designed major national flood information packs for caravan and camp sites and communities subsequently produce bilingual versions for Wales.


Been entrusted to print manage the numerous coordinated public consultation documents for the nuclear rebuild at Hinkley Point.


Designed a major strategic report on future transport infrastructure options for the UK - commissioned by the Society of County Surveyors.


Conceived and designed a low cost direct mailshot for Torbay Hospital in its bid to become a Foundation Trust. The positive return rate was well over 20%.


Designed and produced the documentation to Government which enabled a County Council to resist an attempt by a local council to form a break-away Unitary Authority.


Designed the logo and launch brochure for the XFI centre at the University of Exeter which was built following a multi-million pound donation from a former alumni.


Designed, photographed and produced prospectus and promotional material for Blundell’s School, Devon’s oldest Public School, for over 25 years.


My knowledge and experience could be invaluable to your business - why not get in touch?



One from the archive - a locking brochure for KABA Security. As the thumb tab is pulled up to unlock the brochure the  confirmation 'light' changes from red to green. The cut away in the tab reveals the 'security bolts' embedded in the 'door frame'.

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